Universal Kwik Charger QC 3.0

Product Description

Charge ANY Phone 2X Faster

We did it.

One Universal Charger that can charge both iOS AND Android 2X Faster?

Many said it was an impossible task -- but with the tireless nights put in by our engineers and just in time for our 1-year anniversary, we developed a Kwik Charger that can charge ANY phone 2X Faster than normal.

Our new Universal Kwik Charger 3.0 is fully Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Certified, which is the highest honor any Android charger can receive.  (Qualcomm is the company that invented Quick Charging for Androids)

But more than that, we've preserved our revolutionary Kwik Charger technology that allows you to charge your iPhone 2X Faster than normal as well!

With its hyper-intelligent device recognition, our Universal Kwik Charger 3.0 is able to morph and deliver the PERFECT amount of amperage to recharge your phone 100% safely at TWICE the normal charging speed.  

And to celebrate the launch of our new plug, we are offering 33% OFF the normal price of $29.99.  Get yours while supplies last!

This model only includes the Kwik Charger and does NOT come with a charging cable.  As you obviously need a different cable depending on if you're charging an iPhone or Android device.  The Universal Kwik Charger 3.0 is compatible with every iOS device, but the 2X faster charging capability is only available on iPhone 6/6 Plus or newer phones.
$19.99 $29.99
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