The Stickler - Stick Your iPhone To Anything

Product Description

Stick Your iPhone To Anything

This is quite possibly the most innovative and coolest iPhone case you've ever seen. Taking advantage of the advancement in Nano Technology, we bring you The Stickler case.

Using the Nano Suction and Nano Polymer Absorption Hole material, we’ve designed a non-stick, no residue case. Beautifully crafted, the Stickler is a very robust and simple case that helps protect your phone, use as a stand, and wall mount that can stick to any surface imaginable.

Be assured the new Nano Suction Tech will not wear out, and the grip on the surface will stay as powerful as the day you first got it. In this case, you’ll be using The Stickler for a very long time.  When any dust accumulates, simply wash it off with warm water and soap and it's good as new again!


Type: Case
Function: Sticks to almost any Surface
Featuring: No Residue Nano Technology
Material: NANO Tech Plastic

$19.99 $29.99
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