The Incredible Spillnot

Product Description

No more spills ever again!

If you're like the rest of us, you've probably tried walking with a container full of beverage and ended up spilling it on the floor. Your movement had destabilized the glass or mug on your hand and that made the liquid inside rock back and forth in different directions that made it spill. That's usually how Physics work. Good thing, though, Physics created a solution in the form of The Incredible Spillnot!

The Incredible Spillnot is a tiny tray with a curved extender with its end precisely aligned to the middle of the tray. The end comes with a looped strap around it that one would use to carry it while a mug or glass sits on the tray that comes with a non-slip mat. Through the magic of Newtonian physics coupled with centripetal force, the liquid stays inside your mug or glass no matter how much you move. That's Science for you!

Order the amazing The Incredible Spillnot and say goodbye to wasteful spillages and stressful cleaning!



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