Reusable Cling Wrap

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Keep Your Food Fresh

Keep your food leftovers for longer without them spoiling. Your food will stay fresh longer with this reusable silicon saran wrap. Also can be used as a coaster/placemat. Can be used in the refrigerator, freezer and microwave. Reusable Saran Wrap was designed to be transparent, this way you can see your food easily and clearly without removing it- removing it even momentarily will reduce its freshness. Hygienic and safe- may be rinsed with boiling water and is dishwasher safe.

Small: 9.5cm x 9.5cm (1 piece included)
Medium: 14.4cm x 14.4cm (2 pieces included)
Large: 19.3cm x 19.3cm (1 piece included)

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Size: M (14.4cm x 14.4cm)
Material: Plastic

$24.99 $34.99
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