ZeroTech Flight Battery for DOBBY Pocket Drone

Product Description

Keep your aerial drone ready for action with this removable, rechargeable battery designed specifically for the DOBBY Pocket Drone. You’ll always know how much flying time you have left thanks to a convenient indicator that displays your drone’s current battery level. Equipped with overcharge, over-discharge and short-circuit protection, your battery is designed to perform safely at all times. For optimal performance, make sure the battery is fully charged before using your DOBBY Pocket Drone and do not remove the battery while DOBBY is turned on.


Capacity rating: 970mAh

Energy rating: 7.37Wh

Charge volt limit: 8.7V

Features: Balance charging protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection and short-circuit protection ensure safety and optimal performance

**Contents: (1) One Battery For Dobby Drone**

$39.99 $64.99
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