DoorJammer - The Ultimate Door Security Device

Product Description

This device will keep intruders out

Your security can be threatened even in your own home.You may also be at risk even as you travel. The DoorJammer may be the only thing standing between your safety and possible intruders. This handy device locks the door from the inside of the room when you install it from underneath any door. The Door Jammer can be adjusted to jam safely down to the floor so the door won't budge even if an intruder tries to force his way in. This device is transportable and lightweight so you can bring it anywhere and use it with ease. Nowadays, one can never be too careful. Protecting your family and your home is an absolute must!

Order the DoorJammer and stay safe!

Height: 12cm (4 3/4")
Width: 6.5cm (2 3/4")
Weight: 250g (8oz)
Min. clearance space under the door: 5mm (0.3")


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