Bottle Lift - The World's #1 Magnetic Beer Bottle Holder

Product Description

The Be All, End All Of Bottle Holders

Running out of space in your fridge for bottles of beer or soda? Just when you think that you can't fit anything in there anymore, Bottle Lift comes along!

Bottle Lift consists of three powerful magnets with a force so strong, it can lift up your unopened bottles of beer, soda or juice! Just stick this on the ceiling of your fridge, under wall cabinets, or anywhere in your personal bar where there's metal and attach the unopened bottles to the magnets. You get more space and there's little danger of the bottles toppling on each other compared to when they're settled at the refrigerator door or down the racks. Trust that they'll be hanging in the air chilling while you call the guys for pizza for a perfect game night, or while you prepare for a celebration for a job well done! 

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Material: ABS plastic; 3 magnets; nickel plated steel
Dimensions: 8" x 1.5"
Weight: 8.8 ounces


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