Anti-Tick Tubes - Kill 90% Of All Ticks In Your Yard In 2 Minutes Flat - 24 Pack

Product Description

Anti-Tick Tubes are the revolutionary new way to kill 90% of Lyme-disease-carrying ticks in as little as 2 minutes, twice a year. 

Anti-Tick Tubes take advantage of the natural symbiotic relationship between mice and Ticks to destroy the ticks before they’re able to pass Lyme disease onto your loved ones.  Despite being completely harmless to the mice, each tube can kill thousands of deer ticks on your property every season.

There’s no need to get your hands messy with chemicals, no messy cleanup, and features materials that are all 100% biodegradable and safe to children and pets.

The proprietary active ingredient in Anti-Tick Tubes is derived from Chrysanthemum and is completely harmless to even beneficial insects like bees and dragonflies!

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